i-Rayu System
(The system will be opened on 1st November 2023, 10.00 AM)

  1. If you have any query please email it to asasi@iium.edu.my
  2. If you have signed-up previously, use your username and password to update your application at Update Application button. Otherwise click 'New Application ' button at the top of this page, then complete the details requested.
  3. You need to create your account and enter the programme you want to apply, then fill up your personal details. Then, click button SAVE & NEXT.
  4. Next, fill up your family details. Then, click button SAVE & NEXT.
  5. Next, fill up your qualification. Then, click button SAVE & NEXT.
  6. Non-refundable processing fee of RM100 must be paid at the point of application.
  7. Please print out the summary of your application for your reference purpose (please use Mozilla Firefox).
  8. Please click here to view the Minimum Entry Requirements for admission to Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM.